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Humana Health Insurance

Humana Health Insurance


Health insurance is a significant investment that you need to make per year. For that reason, you must study your options first before you purchase a plan. You must analyze the insurer’s financial strength and its complaint records. When you choose Humana health insurance, however, you are choosing a well-established company. It has an excellent reputation with decades of experience in the health insurance industry so visit


Why Buy Humana Health Insurance

Humana customers purchase health insurance because they saw a TV commercial about its health plan. Some customers stated that they buy a health plan from this insurer because of its excellent reputation or that their friend or family member suggested it.


The majority of its customers purchase Humana health plans because of their low premiums. Furthermore, their health providers belong to the company’s network. Other customers said that the low deductibles and breadth of services are reasons they bought a plan from this company.


Where to Buy Humana Health Insurance

Humana health plans are available in all 50 states. They are also accessible in the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Besides individual health plan, you can also purchase here Medicare plans and some group health plans for businesses.


How the Company Began

The company did not begin in the health insurance industry. Instead, it started as a nursing home business in 1961. It only became Humana in 1974. The transition to the health insurance industry did not stop the company from pushing its interest in healthcare research and hospitals.


Many other huge companies wanted to acquire Humana. One of them was United Healthcare. But the acquisition failed in 1998.


The company administers the TRICARE health insurance policy for the US military. It is also the health insurance for the Champions and PGA golf tours.


Customer Satisfaction Rating

Humana received an A- rating from the AM Best insurance rating organization. But it was not the only award that it received. It is a recipient of the Dorland Health Award for its exceptional services in the Medicare Advantage.


The Health Insurance Options from Humana

You can buy a policy from the company via the local agents. When you obtain a Humana health care plan, you can fund a healthcare savings account. With this savings account, you can save money to pay for your medical deductible. It is useful especially when you are facing a medical crisis and you have to pay a large deductible.


This insurer also offers co-pay options via a preferred provider organization (PPO). It is a type of policy that pays 100%. However, you can only use it when you have paid your deductible for the year.


You can also add extensions to your current health plan. These would include dental and vision. You can also find beneficial pharmacy plans, especially if you take a lot of prescription drugs.


There are three major options that you can choose from through Humana’s health insurance policies:



Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) is a type of health insurance that offers flexibility. With this plan, you can utilize the out-of-network provider. However, it includes a higher fee. For that reason, PPO plan holders opt to use an in-network provider to lower their overall healthcare costs. You can save money significantly when you use the doctors, clinics, and hospitals within the PPO network.



Unlike PPOs, HMOs are quite limited. You can only use healthcare providers that belong to your plan’s network. If you need to use the out-of-network provider, any treatment received will not be covered.


Despite that, the company has a great network of options. Thus, it is not that difficult to stay in the network. Staying within the network will help lower your overall healthcare cost with an HMO plan.


Although out-of-network treatment is not covered, your plan may still partly cover it if it is deemed an emergency.


Traditional Indemnity

This plan allows you to choose a healthcare facility of the doctor that you want. It is more expensive than PPO and HMO, though. However, if you want flexibility, then this plan can be useful.


Employer Health Plans

health insurance plansHumana’s high-deductible plans are ideal for employers. They can assist in reducing the health insurance costs of employees. Their workers can benefit from it when they opt for the Healthcare Savings Account (HSA).


This plan lets you save money and put it on the HSA. You may use the money to stay within your budget. You can choose for its Coverage First basic health plan. The Point of Service plan allows you to use either in-network or out-of-network providers.



If you are a Medicare subscriber, you can opt for supplemental plans. They include prescription medicines and Medicare Advantage policies. The company also partnered with Walmart pharmacies to offer its customers a preferred prescription drug plan (PDP).


This type of plan is ideal for elderly patients. In that way, purchasing their prescription medicines will lower their overall prescription drug costs.



Your health plan may not pay for your routine vision care. Thus, you can opt to obtain a vision insurance plan. It helps in saving money because you can use it to reduce out-of-pocket expenses related to your eye care procedure or treatment. You can also opt for discounts on your vision expenses, like glasses. This plan may also give you a discounted price for your LASIK procedure.


A vision plan must only be used as a supplemental plan for your major health plan. Pairing it with a medical health plan will offset the overall costs of your routine checkups. It also lowers the vision correction wear cost.


When you obtain vision insurance from Humana, you will have coverage for an annual routine eye examination, eyeglass frames, and eye care for your health problems.



A dental plan form Humana may cover basic dental care, as well as preventive dental care. However, the benefits will depend on your plan. It provides dental plans that can meet your dental needs. The policies may cover dental cleanings and routine checkups, like oral examinations, cleanings, fillings, and x-rays.